Looking for a way to reach your audience on the Web? First, you need to find a good domain name that is relevant to your use. Any available domain name will allow you to gain a presence on the Internet. Preferably, a high quality, generic domain can help you brand your cause globally, develop instant credibility and draw relevant traffic to your site.

Various considerations, however, must be taken into account when evaluating the market value of a domain name. Some factors include brand ability, the domain’s organic traffic (in contrast to search engine rank) and resale value. That said, there is no single formula that dictates a domain’s monetary value.

With over hundreds of millions of domains already registered and owned by someone else, how can you get the right one for you? When you find a name that resonates with you, that’s when you know you have found the online identity you’ve been searching for, and that’s where may be the ideal solution for you.

Over the years, we have helped thousands of people find their unique online identity. From individuals looking to make personal websites to Fortune 500 companies who want to “own” the category in which they compete with a premium generic domain name.

Here are a few examples of brand name category owners: